Tokyo Ghoul Dance CMV

Whoooo, boy. So, this is a blog. It’s been a while since I the last time I blogged. I don’t think I remember how to blog. Are people still starting their blogs with vaguespirational lyrics? I’m sorry for using the word vaguespirational. Gawddamn, this is rough. Right. Okay. Sorry for putting you through this. Hopefully it gets better the more of these I write. Unlikely, but y’know, hope springs.

Anywho! I’m retrying this whole blogging thing because maybe I feel like paying respect to my former writing career? Also because content creation? Also because I kinda like how our new CineCosu Studios website looks and I want other people to look at it too?

Soooo, yeah, um, thanks for coming. Now that you’re here, just wanted to show you this new thing we made. It’s a dance thing. It’s kind of a sad dance thing, inspired by Tokyo Ghoul because I heard this song while I was kinda moping about something back in July and I was like, OMG, it’s like, fragile and self destructive and totally perfect for Kaneki and Rize. And thankfully I had some dope choreographing dance friends from The Corps Dance Crew who agreed to help us out. And our friend Chris (@paperarttwork) who agreed to help shoot it. And of course Justin who as per usual set up all the fancy lights and things.

It’s nowhere near good and after watching it again there’s a million things I wish I’d done differently. But it’s something and it’s different and I hope you guys like it at least the teensiest bit. Let me know, thanks! 🙂


Rize: Kayla Mallari
Kaneki: Kohki Nishioka
Full-res link: