Hi! We’re CineCosu

Let’s sort this one out right off the bat, it’s pronounced “SIN-eh-COH-sue” — y’know, “cine” being short for “cinematic” and “cosu” for the Japanese pronunciation of “cosplay.” That being said, we’ve heard it “SIGN-COH-sue” enough times that we’re just gonna run with it. So, hi, I’m Dominique, the sine (read: creative) half of CineCosu. And he’s Justin, the cosine (read: logistics) half ;P If you appreciate the wordplay, we already love you. <3

Anywho, yes. We’re awkward people, especially when writing internet bios, but we guess all you really need to do know is that we’re professional wedding photographers who’ve taken to shooting cosplay in a bid to become Insta-famous. LOL jk. But really, we do it for fun and to get the creative juices flowing. Our inspirations include travel and good storytelling and striving to create things that no one’s ever done before. When we get around to accomplishing anything even remotely close to that, we’ll be sure to let you know.


  • No, we are not dating. We are both in happy relationships with other people way more attractive than each other. We are good friends though. Sometimes.
  • Why are there two of you? The truth is we are both good at like, two things. Dominique is good at coming up with concepts, and Justin is good at making them happen, from sourcing props to scheduling talent to figuring out the most amazing lighting set ups… Okay, so maybe Justin is good at a lot of things. But ideas are important too! Kind of. Right? >__>;;
  • How much do you guys charge for shoots? Currently nothing! We went into the cosplay photography industry in an effort to exercise our creativity without having to manage client expectations. That being said, with our busy wedding schedules, we don’t take on very many commission shoots unless the idea is interesting enough. Of course, this is subject to change, but for the time being, the best time to schedule with us is during wedding off-season from December through April-ish.
  • Yes, we are fake nerds. No, we probably haven’t seen that show. No, we haven’t played any games in forever. Yes, we commission most, if not all, of our cosplays. We still love the community and creating awesome art with awesome people. We are sorry, please don’t hate us.
  • Most of the time it’s Dom talking. Just in case you couldn’t tell.


(@cinecosu – 7X Winner @Heroes of Photography)



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